Police investigating an assault on a woman in a Riverhead quarry just over a week ago are releasing photos of a glove found at the scene.

The gloves were recovered along with several other items in the quarry where the 23-year-old woke up to find a man with a bat standing over her.

"We believe that these gloves are only sold here by The Warehouse, but it's possible that smaller retailers may resell them, and we need to hear from those retailers," said Detective Senior Sergeant Kim Libby.

"I am also appealing to anyone who uses these in their business and who may have a staff member or a contractor who drives a 2008 Ford Mondeo or similar to get in touch with us."


Police have also confirmed that a man identified after CCTV footage was released showing him talking to the victim is not a person of interest.

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The woman told police she woke in the quarry partially naked with a man standing over her.

She had no memory of how she got to the quarry but she managed to escape and call 111.

Police found her an hour later, after some difficulty in pinpointing her location.

She had been in Ponsonby at the Pride Parade with friends.

The group separated briefly and arranged to meet at a Karangahape Rd bar later in the night, but the woman never showed up.

She was last seen speaking to a man at the Mobil service station at the corner of Ponsonby and Karangahape roads at 10.20pm.

After police released his image, he was identified and spoken to "at length".

"As the investigation continues police can now confirm that this man is not a person of interest," Libby said.

"Detectives have continued to review CCTV footage over the weekend and we have now established that at 1.15am on that Sunday morning, the victim has walked past McDonald's on Great North Rd, towards Bond St.

"The victim doesn't remember anything between the time she was in Ponsonby, until the time she woke up in Riverhead.

"That silver grey car we are looking for is seen driving into the quarry at 1.46am.

"Because we have the victim on CCTV at 1.15am in Great North Rd, we are now trawling CCTV footage for sightings of that car in the Great North Rd area in the next few minutes."

Libby said finding the car is "crucial" to the investigation and to identifying and locating the offender.

"Do you know anyone who has access to a 2008 Ford Mondeo or similar type car?" he appealed.

"They may also use the gloves pictured in their work or have access to them."

Police are also appealing to anyone who may have seen the victim walking along Great North Rd at about 1.15am.

"She was wearing a sleeveless shift dress in a multi-coloured pattern and was by herself. It was a busy night in town on that evening and it's possible that someone has seen a woman in a dress walking by herself along Great North Rd," said Libby.

He said the victim was "recovering from her injuries and her ordeal" and was being supported by police.

"We are making good progress with our investigation and I can reassure people that we are doing everything possible to identify and locate this offender as soon as possible."


Anyone with information is asked to call the inquiry team on 0800 605 506.

Information can also be given anonymously to the organisation Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.