A woman suffered horrific leg injuries when she fell between a train and the platform as the locomotive pulled out of Glen Innes station yesterday.

Witnesses said the middle-aged woman was late getting into the south-bound train and was trying to open the closed doors when she slipped and fell into the crack.

"She was trying to open the doors but they had already closed and the security guard tried to pull her back but she lost balance," said 18-year-old Saskia Clegg.

"She fell in between the ledge and the train and got caught. I was really scared she was actually going to fall onto the tracks and under the train, but that didn't happen."


The woman remained standing as the train moved past, Clegg said.

"She was like bouncing against the train."

After the train moved clear several people jumped down onto the track to help her.

"She had a huge laceration on her leg but she was conscious and we could talk to her. I was straight on the phone to 111.

"She was just lying there and drifting in and out of consciousness."

Clegg was visibly shaken by the event and said the woman was extremely lucky to be alive.

Another witness, Manpreet Singh, said the woman wouldn't listen when she was told not to try and get in through the closed train doors.

"It was very hard to see that, first time in my life," he said.

He imagined the train driver didn't see what was happening.

Azra Eghbali said the woman's leg injuries were severe.