A Wellington taxi driver has been fired after he was caught on video pulling a dodgy manoeuvre to run a red light.

Chris Orsman caught the move on his dashcam during rush hour last week.

In the video, the Kiwi Cabs vehicle can be seen swerving around a car stopped at the traffic lights, pulling into the oncoming lane, and turning through the intersection against a red light.

Orsman said the case of bad driving happened along Tinakori Rd where traffic can turn onto the motorway, about 5.50pm on Wednesday.


He had stopped at the lights when it happened.

"One or two cars back, the taxi pulled out and sped down my side of the road at some speed through the red light and on the right turn to the motorway exit," Orsman said.

"I thought to myself: 'ooh, that's a bit creative, that's a bit dodgy.'

"It's shoddy driving and he should be off the road."

Orsman was unable to get a clear shot of the taxi driver's number plate, so did not take the footage to police.

However, Orsman has now been contacted by police asking him to make an official statement, which he will be doing.

Kiwi Cabs general manager Muneer Oraha said the driver, who had only been working with them for about a month and had already had another complaint about his driving, was fired last week after the incident.

Oraha said the driver had previously worked for Uber and had also been fired from that job.


"We get quite serious on this matter," he said.

"I did mention to him ... the first thing you need to do is respect the sign and respect the company as well when you're driving."

The previous complaint had been about the "dangerous" manner of his driving.

"An apology doesn't do anything because this is a serious matter. It's a public related thing. It's damaging our image."

Oraha said the driver told him he was "chasing a job", which was why he cut through the intersection.

"There are plenty of jobs, this is not a good excuse. At the end of the day, he didn't get the job, someone else got the job."

Oraha wanted the public to know that "not every Kiwi Cabs driver is like him".

"We employ quality drivers, not quantity, and not bad drivers."

He hoped Wellingtonians would "know Kiwi Cabs quite well" and trust they had "a really good fleet".