Jason Christensen was helping those in a car crash when he had his phone stolen on Saturday.

Mr Christensen was crouched down looking after a woman who had an airbag deployed in her face when his phone slipped out of his pocket.

Not noticing he rushed to help guide traffic at the intersection of Eastbourne St and Nelson St as the traffic started to build up.

"It was a pretty messy crash scene and there was another man still in the car which was dripping oil so I helped get him out and I then continued to check on the woman as she was pretty stunned and sore."


While this was going on more groups of people arrived at the scene.

Just 10 to 12 minutes later Mr Christensen realised his phone was gone from his pocket so asked the police officer to ring it.

The phone that was fully charged moments ago went straight to his answer machine.

"There is no way it could have died so someone must have immediately turned it off."

"Someone with the right intentions would have handed it to the police but whoever took it must have had no other intention than making a quick buck."

The crash scene dispersed "pretty quickly" but none of those who were still there knew the whereabouts of Mr Christensen's phone.

The phone was a cobalt blue Samsung S6 in a clear gel case and was just 10 months old.

"When this happens it makes you realise how personal a phone is. Mine had all my contacts and photos and videos of my family and my favourite fishing spots. These are not meant for people you don't know to see."

Mr Christensen took the best of six months deciding what phone to get and chose the Samsung S6 as it was supposed to last a long time.

Still on the 24 month plan for his stolen phone and without insurance he has had to buy a new one at a huge cost.

"It has cost me a small fortune and I am still having to pay for my old plan as I am only 10 months in. I need a reliable phone for work so I had to get a new one."

Mr Christensen has spoken to Police but the phone has not yet been handed in.

"It is a bit strange and definitely wasn't my favourite moment of the day but I guess these days people just see an opportunity and take it."

"I just hope I can get it back. The clear gel case has faded orange from my work overalls so I would be able to tell if I saw it."