A Christchurch man imported at least 6kg of South American cocaine to New Zealand, a judge has ruled.

Lee Dixon, 34, pleaded guilty to seven drugs charges, including importing a class A drug, however he disputed the quantity of the of cocaine as alleged by the Crown.

The Crown alleged Dixon imported some of the cocaine in a FedEx package, which was sent from Venezuela to Rakaia in Canterbury in 2015.

Justice Nicholas Davidson said in his ruling of a disputed facts hearing that the package was a "highly suspicious transaction which probably involved the importation of cocaine into New Zealand".


Dixon has previously been convicted of importing cocaine into New Zealand.

He returned from a trip to South America on March 29, 2014 and when searched at Auckland Airport was found in possession of 97.5g of cocaine packed in a condom, inside his boxer shorts.

He was convicted on a charge of importing cocaine and in April 2015 sentenced to seven
months home detention and 150 hours community work.

However, the Crown alleged Nixon was involved in further importation of cocaine from late 2014 and mid 2015.

The Crown said the evidence proved Dixon sent NZ$152,000 from New Zealand via Western Union to pay for Colombian cocaine.

However, Justice Davidson said there was a "striking feature" in the case.

"Apart from the cocaine identified in the supply charges [after his first arrest], none of the cocaine alleged to have been imported by Mr Dixon has been located by the police."

He ruled Dixon imported 6kg of cocaine into New Zealand but added, "I think it very probable that Mr Dixon imported much more cocaine".