After 11 days of using Tinder to get from Cape Reinga to Bluff, Rotorua's Ash Gower-Rudman admits he is sick of the dating app.

"I might go back to meeting people the old-fashioned way."

Finishing his 12-Day Tinder Tiki Tour charity fundraiser a day early this week, Mr Gower-Rudman said the trip was a great experience.

"I thought it would be more of a struggle but people got behind it, lots of people were really supportive."


He admits he hitchhiked to get to most destinations but Tinder was used to find food and accommodation.

The route Mr Gower-Rudman took was almost the one he had planned out, skipping Taupo and staying in Cambridge, and skipping Timaru and going to Dunedin.

"It definitely shows it can be done, you just need a positive frame of mind. Social media and online is the future."

He didn't wish to divulge if he had used the app to "hook up" with anyone along the way but said he had met some cool people on his travels.

He faced lots of rejection from "people who weren't keen on the idea and didn't get the concept".

"I think it took a certain type of person, someone who is open-minded to be open to the idea."

Some people had read about his tour online so were interested and keen to help, he said.

The highlight was meeting incredible people; the friendliest people he encountered were in Palmerston North.

Shortly before his trip started Mr Gower-Rudman changed his charity of choice to the NZ Aids Foundation, which he said was excited to get on board.

He has raised $400 for the Foundation, well under his goal of $3000, but said people were still donating and able to donate.

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