A Westport teenager who showed no remorse for assaulting five people, including a police officer, will spend the next eight months behind bars.

Tane Peeti, 17, was sentenced in the Westport District Court today.

He had earlier pleaded guilty to all 10 charges laid against him.

Peeti's lawyer, Doug Taffs, did not oppose a prison sentence. In fact, he said prison looked like the best option - at least there Peeti would be encouraged to go back to school.


Taff's said any argument against sending Peeti to prison would be insincere.

"I can't put any faith in the submission I might make seeking the court's goodwill."

Peeti's offending, and subsequent lack of remorse was "perplexing". He was also unwilling to engage in any help that had been, or would be, offered to him, Taffs said.

Judge Emma Smith made it clear from the start of Peeti's hearing that he was going to prison.

She also said the community needed to understand why she was jailing someone so young.

In September last year, police stopped Peeti driving in Westport. He had three 15-year-old passengers in the car, which had no warrant of fitness.

Peeti had previously been forbidden to drive.

Judge Smith said most of Peeti's offending happened on October 17 last year. "It's unclear to me what was going through your head."

At about 4pm, Peeti entered a Brougham St house through the front door. The occupants were known to him.

He "barged past" one of them, who was trying to stop him going inside. Peeti's actions constituted burglary, Judge Smith said.

Peeti then walked into the kitchen, where he began a "barrage" of assaults on the first victim. The victim received five to 10 closed-fist punches to the head by a "highly agitated" Peeti, the judge said.

The second victim was assaulted in the garage.

Peeti had followed him there, and punched him twice in the face, causing a large gash in the man's nose.

Peeti then left the garage and went into the dining room, where he punched a third victim three times in the temple with a closed fist.

He then picked up an aluminium scooter and slammed it into the lounge doors, terrifying the occupants, Judge Smith said.

Peeti was dragged out of the house by an associate, but began to "rage" again at an address in Russell St shortly after. There he attacked another man before returning to the Brougham St address, where he continued to abuse the occupants.

Police were called and Peeti was arrested. Peeti kicked the arresting officer after telling him: "I'm going to kick you so you crash and die." It was a pre-meditated attack, Judge Smith said.

Peeti was granted bail on October 29, but was arrested soon after for breaching his bail conditions.

While sitting in the back of a police car "highly intoxicated", Peeti kicked the same police office in the head while he was driving, causing him to temporarily lose control of the car.

"You then spat at him - that's also assault," Judge Smith said.

However, Peeti was again granted bail.

On December 13, police saw him driving in a "concerning fashion". Police activated their flashing lights, but Peeti failed to stop.

Judge Smith agreed with Taffs that Peeti's offending was "perplexing" as he had no prior record.

"In terms of your priors ... you have none." The probation report was a "disturbing" read, she said. Peeti seemed to have a "bizarre sense of entitlement", no level of remorse, and felt "absolutely justified" in assaulting his victims. He had rejected all offers of rehabilitative help.

"You are too young to appreciate you are in desperate need of assistance. Probation have reluctantly recommended imprisonment."

Peeti was sentenced to a total of eight months' imprisonment for the assaults and convicted and discharged on the other charges.