Willie Jackson has met Labour MP Poto Williams to discuss her objections to his candidacy for Labour.

A spokesman for Labour confirmed the pair had met last night and Williams would make a public statement today.

After Labour leader Andrew Little announced Jackson would stand for Labour and that Little would push for him to get a high list placing, Williams said on Facebook that as Labour's spokeswoman on family and sexual violence​, she could not support Jackson's candidacy until he apologised for a RadioLive interview he did on the Roast Busters case.

Little cautioned his MPs about publicly expressing their concerns in caucus on Monday and Williams has not commented since.


An open letter is also circulating to oppose Jackson's candidacy. Fairfax reported it had been signed by former MPs including Maryan Street and Carol Beaumont.

Street has also put up a post alluding to the promise of a high list placing for Jackson when the party is supposed to be boosting its number of women MPs.

Street refers to Labour's female candidates such as Rachael Boyack, Liz Craig, Deborah Russell, Priyanca Radhakrishnan and Virginia Andersen, saying they got there through "hard work".

"No safe seat or guaranteed high list placing for them."

​Jackson and former radio co-host John Tamihere were suspended from talkback duties after interviewing a young woman named Amy over the so-called Roast Busters - a group of young men who boasted online about getting underage girls drunk to have sex with them.

They took a devil's advocate position and were accused of supporting a rape culture and blaming the victim.

Williams was one of the Labour and Green MPs who walked out of Parliament and spoke of their own sexual assault experiences in response to former Prime Minister John Key's accusation that Labour was "supporting rapists and murderers" in their stance on Australian deportees.