A teacher who held a student against a wall while yelling and swearing, says she's deeply remorseful and wants to be allowed to continue teaching.

The teacher, who has interim name suppression, told the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal that she snapped in April last year.

She said money problems had left her so stressed that a long-running problem with the Year 10 student's attitude finally got the better of her.

"I wasn't the only teacher this was happening to, but I was the only one to buckle.


"It wasn't just her. I was under a lot of pressure from the school with financial worries, and that was hanging over my head.

"I was very aware of the debt collectors knocking at my door.

"I handled the whole situation unprofessionally and realised I've got an anger problem."

The teacher has undergone anger management training, and agreed to undertake further professional training courses.

The student and teacher have also had a restorative justice meeting about the incident.

"It's been a rough year with this hanging over my head," the teacher told the Tribunal.

"But I've got to put it behind me so that I can focus on the students in front of me."

The Education Council's Complaints Assessment Committee wants the teacher's registration cancelled.


It's recommended that if cancellation doesn't happen, the teacher should take more professional development courses, and be mentored for two years.

The Tribunal has reserved its decision.