A 5.1 magnitude quake has struck north-east of Kaikoura late tonight.

GeoNet reported the earthquake at 11.23pm at a depth of 16km and 10km north-east of Kaikoura.

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It had been labelled "moderate'' in strength, but has since been upgraded to "strong".


More than 2000 people have reported feeling the quake on GeoNet's website.

Central fire communications said about 12.15am they had not received any earthquake-related calls or any reports of damage in the Wellington region.

A southern fire communications spokesman said they had not been called out to any emergencies relating to the latest quake either.

While central ambulance communications also said they had not received any reports of injuries.

People talking about the quake on social media reported feeling it in Paraparaumu and Wellington.

One woman said: "Felt like a friendly [earthquake], gently rocking Wellington at bed time. Seemed to go on a good few seconds though.''