After Julian Bowlin pushed his partner to the ground, he phoned the police and told them to come and arrest him.

Bowlin pleaded guilty in Whanganui District Court on Tuesday to assault, possessing a cannabis plant and breaching community work.

Police prosecutor Rachel Willemsen told the court that on December 13 Bowlin pushed his partner to the ground during an argument. He then phoned police and told them to come and "arrest him".

He then took a cannabis plant he had growing in a pot plant outside into the kitchen for the police to see when they arrived. Bowlin said he had been growing it while he was unemployed.


Judge Philip Crayton said Bowlin - had a previous conviction for domestic abuse - had enrolled in the drug and alcohol programme and his actions showed a level of insight and desire to stop this pattern of behaviour.

"I'm going to give you one more chance," said Judge Crayton, sentencing him to one year supervision and 160 hours community work.