A Welsh climber who set off a personal locator beacon on Aoraki Mt Cook early this morning has made his own way to safety.

Maritime New Zealand spokesman Mark Dittmer said the Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand received the alert at 12.50 this morning from the Darwin Glacier. But bad weather prevented rescuers going to him.

"The beacon wasn't registered [in New Zealand] - it was a UK coded personal locator, and we've worked out it belongs to a Welshman," Dittmer said.

He said the climber had told Aoraki Mt Cook DOC staff his climbing intentions and left on January 28.


He was planning to return on February 5 after spending four days at Darwin Glacier.

However, Dittmer said the weather around New Zealand's highest mountain was "really bad".

"There was heavy rain, and the conditions are medium-level cloud with rain and high winds."

The 30-year-old climber set off the beacon after experiencing a "rough night" and becoming mildly hypothermic. He has since made his way to Tasman Saddle Hut and contacted the search team via radio.

The search team was able to get to him and concluded his health was okay. The climber said he will make his own way back, and may continue on his journey.