Three New Zealand men with alleged links to Melbourne's violent Apex gang are due to be deported from Australia.

The men are currently serving jail time for assaults, armed robberies, car theft and home invasions and are appealing their visa cancellations.

Another Kiwi with alleged links to the predominately African gang, Henry Robati, 19, was deported to New Zealand last April.

A Sudanese national, Issac Gatkuoth, 19, is also due to be deported, the Herald Sun reports.


Gatkuoth is serving time in a youth detention centre for an armed ice-fuelled carjacking in November 2015.

Then aged 18, Gatkuoth was in a stolen BMW with four others when they followed another car and rammed it from behind in Frankston, the Victorian Country Court heard last year.

Victims of Melbourne's youth crime epidemic say they no longer feel safe in their own homes.

A spate of criminal activity has swept across the city over the past 18 months, with a series of car-jackings, armed robberies and home invasions blamed largely on African youth gangs.

A father-of-three from Caroline Springs in Melbourne's west, says his family members fear for their lives after being the victims of youth crime twice in 24 hours.

Thieves first targeted the family home, making off with petty items, before returning to steal Mr Ahmed's wife's Volvo XC90.

CCTV footage captured two young men of African appearance, the Herald Sun reported.

"I have three young children — they are totally not feeling safe at all," Mr Ahmed told the publication.


"If somebody comes to your house, takes your car away, what is stopping them to come and kill you?"

Another victim told the paper he has trouble sleeping at night after he was set upon by a group of teens, who he says bashed him and stole his car after asking him for directions in his driveway.

"We're not really back to normal, we are trying but its taking time," Mr Parmar said, before adding: "It's entertainment (for the offenders) but for the people who are victims, it's hard for them."

The Australian government has taken a hard stance against Melbourne youths who commit serious crime.