I have attained the happy Zen state of looking to politics for entertainment only.

Oh, I was young once, wanting more, but I have learnt that good government is oxymoronic and reasoned policy built on theory and experience is as probable as our local church finding the cure for cancer. It's simply not possible.

My new-found Zen state means I am enjoying President Trump. He's better than a night at the movies.

It's not so much him but his opposition. The world's best satirists locked in a room for a year could not produce better.


New Zealand's political left hit peak hysteria this week even as he implements their most cherished policies.

They have been protesting, yelling, screaming, organising petitions and writing furious letters in the vain attempt to kill the Trans Pacific Partnership.

They failed miserably.

President Obama signed it and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rejoiced in it: "This TPP sets the gold standard in trade agreements."

It's true that on the campaign trail she opposed it but her constant flip-flops and zig-zags gave opponents no confidence she would kill it.

But their great satan President Trump lopped off its head on his first full day in office.

Such is the hysteria that his lefty achievement provided no respite in the caterwauling and wailing.

The total loss of perspective is readily seen by supposedly sober commentators calling Trump a fascist and comparing him to Hitler.


I appreciate that they don't like him but to call the president of the United States a fascist is to fail high school history. It's also dangerous to trivialise the Holocaust.

I debate with Chris Trotter on radio each week. He's a hardcore socialist. I would never attempt to score a point by calling him Joe Stalin. He isn't. It would be factually wrong and also insulting to the memory of the many millions Stalin killed.

Trump hysteria has become a parody in which the screamiest and stupidest attacks become headlines - especially if uttered by famous singers and actors who appear in a race to prove which of them is the most vacuous.

For my entire life the left have wanted the US to stop being the world's policeman. Trump has put an end to the role.

There has not been five minutes of celebration. For the left, even when he's right he's wrong.

Trump has delivered more on his campaign promise in five days than Obama managed in eight years. There's much to disagree with. But that's democracy. It's impressive to have a politician do in office precisely what he promised he would do and it's entertaining seeing him denounced for doing so.

That's especially so when his opponents said he could never make office, and, if he did, he couldn't deliver on his promises.

It's no wonder his opponents are angry. Trump is again proving them wrong. It's the best entertainment ever and shows every sign of just getting better. It's reality TV with a difference: it's real.