Kay Fazakerley's faith in the human race has been restored after members of the public offered help to her daughter with disabilities whose special blanket was stolen.

Last week the Wanganui Chronicle brought you the story of Naumai Fazakerley, 41, who has severe epilepsy and mental health issues. She lives at Laura Ferguson House, a residential facility for people with acquired brain injuries.

Over Christmas her favourite blanket, which was given to her years ago by a friend who has since died, was taken from her room while she was visiting her family.

"Whoever did this was a real low-life," Mrs Fazakerley said.


She said she barely had time to read the Wanganui Chronicle story before her phone started ringing with offers of help. And by 8.30 that morning Naumai had a new blanket - exactly the same as the one that was stolen.

"She was really pleased because she thought she'd never get one the same," Mrs Fazakerley said.

She has received numerous offers of new blankets and other donations to help Naumai out.

Naumai's family now wants to ensure her new blanket doesn't go astray like the last one - they've added a padlock to her door for when she leaves the home.

Mrs Fazakerley said she wanted to thank everyone who had supported Naumai and her family.

"It's very much appreciated."