Incredible pictures of 30cm of snowfall at Cardrona Alpine Resort could be a summer snow record.

A picture of a snowed-under park bench shared on their Facebook page from earlier this morning shows at least 20cm of snow when it was taken at 8am this morning.

The mountain has incredibly been closed for biking, carting and tubing due to the snow.

Cardrona marketing co-ordinator Matt McIvor said he had never seen snow conditions like this in January.


"This is just a freakish dump," McIvor said. "It's the middle of summer and it feels like the middle of winter.

"I can't remember when we've had such a large dump in January. Usually if we get 2-5cm, it's gone by the afternoon, but this is a good 30-50cm, so it may stick around for a couple of days."

McIvor said coincidentally it's been the busiest summer they've ever had for mountain biking and carting.

"It's just been cranking ... We'll be [gearing] up and clearing all this snow to clear our mountain bike trails for tomorrow."