Fire crews are standing by a burned-out building in an Epsom park as high winds threaten to lift its roof and topple the structure.

Winds of almost 80km/h are gusting around Auckland, according to the latest MetService forecast report, and rain was expected to develop later in the day.

The Fire Service was alerted by a member of the public to the building at 48 Windmill Rd in Epsom, concerned the heavy winds were going to lift its roof off.

A spokesman said one engine was sent to the building, in Windmill Rd Reserve, shortly after 2:30pm.


"There was a fire in the building in the reserve few months ago, the building is still damaged and this has caused more damage.

"The building is at risk of falling over."

However, the spokesman said the crews were waiting for council staff to arrive, and monitoring the building to make sure no one was injured.

They've also closed off the roads to prevent the public from accessing the area.

Photo / Chris Loufte
Photo / Chris Loufte