A new documentary has given rare insight into just what it's like to be homeless.

On our Doorstep - made by students from AUT's Masters of Human Rights class - aims to platform the voices of homeless youth in New Zealand.

It comes off the back of an Otago University study that found half of New Zealand's 40,000 homeless live in Auckland, and that the majority of them were under 25.

Researcher Emily Griffin said they've been working on the movie since November and said it effectively raises awareness about housing as a human right.


She said their eyes were opened to just how tough it is to live on the street.

"You really start to lose options, often it's because of violence in the home, family conflict, and it's not a choice - it's not a choice in any sense."

She says when young people are kicked out of a violent home it becomes very hard to get an education, or a benefit without a birth certificate, or even a daily shower.

"There's so many logistics involved in living in this world," she said.

"If you're on the streets with nothing it's really hard to do all those things that we take for granted."