A New Zealand woman has admitted to carrying the drug methamphetamine when she arrived in Bali last year, with her lawyer saying a friend had given it to her.

A "nervous" Myra William said nothing as she was lead into Denpasar Court on Wednesday for the first day of her trial in which she faces charges of drug trafficking and possession.

Prosecutor Paulus Agung alleged the 26-year-old, who flew into Denpasar from Australia on August 31, began "babbling" when asked to queue for her travel documents.

Drawing the attention of immigration officials, she was then taken to a waiting room.


Later, when she got up from her seat to speak to a customs officer, Mr Agung said a plastic pouch containing crystals fell out of her pocket.

It is alleged 0.43g of methamphetamine was inside.

William's lawyer Poppy Eunike says her client is not objecting to the indictment and admits to having drugs on her when she arrived in Bali.

"She admits that she carried it. It was given to her by a friend," Ms Eunike told NZ Newswire after the court appearance.

She said William, who is believed to have been living in Melbourne when she flew to Bali, was using while in Australia and therefore should be eligible for a lesser sentence.

The 27-year-old from New Zealand was "nervous", Ms Eunike said.

The maximum penalty for the possession of less than 5g of drugs carries a 12-years prison sentence, while importation has a maximum of 15 years.

If she is convicted for drug use, however, she would face a maximum of four years in prison.


William is due to return to court on January 31.