Shocking dashcam footage has captured the moment a car veered across a road and smashed head on into another vehicle.

In the dramatic video, a woman is seen driving down a road in New Zealand as the sun sets on the horizon.

Out of nowhere a car, which doesn't seem to have its lights on, is seen losing control on the other side of the road.

The video, which appears on the Daily Mail website, shows the car as it careers into a bollard, flattening it, lurches onto the wrong side of the road and heads straight towards the dashcam.


"S***," the driver of the under-control vehicle shouts moments before a huge impact is heard and debris is seen flying into the air.

"F***ing hell," the driver says as she and a male passenger check each other are okay.

A woman in the other car is heard screaming "help me" as the pair rush over to help.
According to Marc, who is believed to have been a passenger in the car that filmed the crash, the driver of the other car spent a week in intensive care.

The screaming woman was suffering from shock but was otherwise fine, he told Dash Cam Owners Australia.

The crash is believed to have happened in June last year. It is not clear where in New Zealand it took place.