The little girl who had been missing at sea with her father for almost a month is due back in New Zealand in the next few days.

Six-year-old Que Langdon remains with her mother, Ariane Wyler, after the pair were reunited.

They came together at Ulladulla, in Australia, where Que and her father, Alan Langdon, arrived last Wednesday after setting sail from Kawhia Harbour on December 17.

This afternoon, Childcare Recovery Australia expert Col Chapman said the mother and daughter were enjoying their time together with family and friends in Melbourne and were waiting to finalise travel documents so they could fly to New Zealand.


Chapman, spokesman for Wyler, said: "It is [a waiting game] at the moment.

"And it's frustrating, very frustrating, because now it's back in the hands of lawyers and courts."

Alan Langdon, 49, has been issued a summons to appear in court next week after NZ Police charged him for taking a child from New Zealand.

Chapman told the Herald Wyler would eventually return to Nelson with Que.

It is hoped they will be able to attend Langdon's court appearance, Chapman said.

"She's hoping for 50-50 equal shared care. It's what she's wanted all along.

"She's back in Australia with her daughter and she hopes to return to Nelson [with her daughter] in the coming days.

Que again spent the day at a playground with friends.

She is yet to speak with her father, after her reunion with her mother yesterday morning.

However, she is due to phone him tonight.

"Tonight we're going to get Que to call her dad,'' Chapman said.

"We're now involved and we're giving Ariane advice. We're explaining to her how it is ... and that Alan is her ex, not Que's ex - and that's the way the two of them have got to understand this.

"That little girl needs both parents, whether they like each other or not.

"She's going to need them both and they're going to regret all the bullsh*t that they've been through ...''