Where is Kevin Charles Stewart, the 55-year-old man who left his cabin at a Whangarei caravan park on December 7 and hasn't been seen since?

It is a question that is haunting the Whangarei man's only child, Melody Jain Stewart, who lives in Australia.

Nearly a month later, there has been no sighting of him since the day he disappeared and his phone and bank accounts have not been used.

Ms Stewart said she had been sick with worry.


"It plays on my mind all the time. It's the not knowing where he is ... I've been a nervous wreck."

She has made a plea through the Northern Advocate for anyone who might know of her dad's whereabouts, or even talked to him in the days before he disappeared, to come forward.

Mr Stewart does not show up on CCTV systems around Whangarei. Police said he had not been on their radar for any reason, and Ms Stewart said there was no indication he was in trouble of any kind.

He brought her up as a single father until she was 6 years old, after which she lived with her mother, but they remained in regular contact.

Ms Stewart was not aware if had been depressed or he wanted to lie low for any reason. Other than a hand injury and an occasional back problem, she believed his health to be okay.

"[But] he was down on his luck, you'd have to say," she said.

"He's a pretty friendly guy, he got along with his workmates and other people at the caravan park. It's out of character for him to stay away and not get in touch with anyone."

She had spoken to Mr Stewart by phone three weeks earlier, when he told her he was having trouble with a hand injury that had restricted his work as an aluminium joiner to light duties for some time. He said he recently went back to heavier work but was finding it difficult.

Police told Ms Stewart that a week after that last phone call her father had chucked in his job. Two weeks later, the last known sighting of him was as he was leaving his cabin in at 11.30pm on December 7.

She plans to travel to Whangarei this week to stay with relatives while she packs up her father's belongings and empties out his cabin at the Morningside campground.

Mr Stewart is of slim build and is 169cm tall with grey hair and brown eyes. Police confirmed there have been no further developments in the case.

Anyone with any information can contact Whangarei police on 4304500 or Ms Stewart on, 0061 409317536 in Australia.