Police are "generally pleased" with behaviour at New Year's Eve celebrations across the country and say there were no significant issues or incidents reported.

Police presence in the main areas was focused on prevention and ensuring revellers stayed safe and officers largely dealt with minor disorder incidents, liquor ban breaches and intoxication.

Arrests that were made were mostly related to alcohol and disorder incidents.

Auckland CBD and the wider area celebrations were standard and nothing unusual was reported.


Large crowds at Rhythm and Vines were generally well behaved with eight arrests made for drug related offences.

Christchurch events at Hagley Park and Cathedral Square were described as quiet and well behaved, with two people dealt with for detox.

Police also responded to several minor disorder events across Christchurch.

In Wellington, the concert and fireworks on the waterfront was attended by about 6000 people and while the crowd was well behaved there were several breaches of the liquor ban.

The night was described as a moderately busy Saturday night.

Crowds in Dunedin, Queenstown and Wanaka were also generally well behaved and dispersed quickly after the fireworks due to rain.

There was only one arrest made at Rhythm and Alps.

A Queenstown man was given a pre-charge warning by police after he was caught in the wrong bed.


Residents of a Dublin St house returned home at 4am to find the man in their house

They did not know the man and called police

No major problems were reported at celebrations in Whangamata or Mt Maunganui despite large crowds.