A woman was flung into bushes and killed after she was hit by a car outside a garden centre in Remuera, Auckland.

She was Jeanette Grice, aged 60 of Remuera.

Cafe Greenfingers head chef Mehdi Soheili was busy in his cafe, at the intersection of Shore Rd and Orakei Rd, about 9am today when a member of the public ran in saying a group of people had been hit by a car outside Palmers Garden Centre.

"I just ran out and tried to do first aid as best as I could, tried to give people water and tried to calm the situation down, as you do, as any Kiwi would."


Soheili said just before running out of the kitchen, he told his sous chef to take over, grabbed his first aid kit and arrived to see a lot of people standing around in shock.

"I was confronted with a lot of people shocked, a car in the middle [of footpath], my car had been parked right next to the Jaguar. There were people on the ground and people not sure what to do .., my instant reaction is to just try and calm the situation, get some water and call an ambulance."

The pedestrian was hit outside Palmers Garden Centre in Remuera, Auckland. Photo / Google Maps
The pedestrian was hit outside Palmers Garden Centre in Remuera, Auckland. Photo / Google Maps

The woman who was fatally injured had been thrown into a nearby bush, he said, while two other people - a man and a woman - were laying injured on the ground.

Soheili said his experience as a head chef - dealing with high pressure situations on a daily basis - helped him keep a cool head.

"I just did my best to get people to also look after the lady who was in the car ... I got my sous chef to look after the my heart and head are still pounding at the moment .. but it's probably still better to work. We had the opportunity to work but our boss is very understanding and very supportive. Instant reaction."

He said the area was quite busy at the time.

"There were definitely a few people around."

St John Ambulance also treated one person with moderate injuries and one person with minor injuries.


Speaking with media at the scene, Inspector Duncan Hall of Auckland police confirmed a female pedestrian died at the scene.

Police have asked motorists to avoid the area.

"Due to an event nearby, multiple roads are closed and motorists are reminded to drive with caution and to follow diversions currently in place."

The Serious Crash Unit are investigating the incident.