More than two weeks after an 11-year-old boy was abducted and sexually assaulted in West Auckland, there is little information about who could be responsible.

Meanwhile, other attempted abductions keep being reported.

Since the horrific four hour attack on the boy, abducted as he walked home from the Ranui Station on November 17, there have been reports of at least four other abduction attempts on children in the area.

No information about the person responsible for the has been released by the police, except that the offender is believed to have been driving a grey van and asked the boy for directions before abducting him near the intersection of Metcalfe and Swanson Rds about 4.15pm.


Six days later, on November 23, an 11-year-old girl reportedly fled a man driving a dark red or maroon 4X4 at 8.30am while she waited for a school bus on Wairere Rd, Waitakere.

The next day, a man asked two 12-year-old boys walking home from school to get in his dark-coloured ute on Swanson Rd in Ranui.

On Wednesday, an intermediate aged girl was asked to get into a strange man's car on Summerland Drive, Henderson, as she walked home from school and at 3.45pm a 17-year-old girl took a photo of a dark-coloured ute she believed was following her on nearby Lake Panorama Drive in Henderson.

The teen said the man was European and aged in his 30s.

However, police have been unable to say if any of the reports appeared to be linked or to provide any further details of the vehicle involved in the Summerland Drive incident. They would also not be drawn on any details of inquiries, including if any suspects had been spoken to.

Waitakere Police Inspector Scott Webb would not be drawn on details of the investigations, but said there was "public concern" at the increased number of abduction attempts.

"At this stage we believe the increased reporting is attributable to increased vigilance following this case and we are encouraged that members of the public are providing us with this information.

"Whilst we acknowledge the public concern, we are not in a position to make comment on each specific case or to speculate as to whether one report is linked to another at this time."


He said police were doing "everything possible" to ensure that all children and young people in this community are safe.

"We are working closely with the victim of the Ranui assault as the search for the offender continues. Any information that is passed to police will be assessed and police will look to pursue any further lines of enquiry."

Glen Eden Intermediate School principal Maree Stavert said there was definitely a heightened awareness in the community.

"[The incidents] are very concerning and it does make you wonder because it doesn't appear to be the same person.

"I know everyone is aware of all of the incidents."

She said the school had notified parents of the incidents, and teachers were speaking with their students to send safety and stranger danger messages.


Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Senior Sergeant Jason McIntosh on 021 191 2659, or anonymous tip line Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.