A new video of the Kekerengu Fault shows the shocking damage caused by last week's 7.8-magnitude earthquake on the landscape.

The fault was one of several believed responsible for the large tremor which shook most of the country and changed the landscape around North Canterbury, including rupturing large cracks in the ground and raising the sea bed.

So far, satellite images had revealed huge changes in land movement across the Hope and Kekerengu faults, as well as several other faults in the region.

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To the east of these faults, the land went mostly southwest, while land to the west of these faults moved mostly northeast.

Today, GeoNet released drone footage showing the Kekerengu Fault. Deep gouges are carved across the landscape.

There has been about 5m of horizontal displacement across the South Island main trunk highway and about 2m of vertical displacement, on the Kekerengu Fault, GNS Science earthquake geologist Dr Rob Langridge told the Herald.