Plenty of people gathered in downtown Auckland today, united in their message of peace.

Both young and old turned out for the March for Peace event - put on by People for Peace - this afternoon.

Among those outside Auckland's Town Hall today were 97-year-olds Maynie Thompson and Kit Nelson.

Both were huge advocates for peace and said they had been involved in such marches for years.


"I've been on many marches, including a march right across America for peace and away from nuclear arms,'' Thompson said.

"But any little march we see, it's important for the people of New Zealand to know that we won't have anything to do with anymore wars or an arms race.

Nelson added: "And especially Auckland, which is a peace city and New Zealand is nuclear-free.''

Thompson said New Zealand was "very strongly'' for peace. Being known for its nuclear-free stand was a good example for other countries to see, she said.

"Any march that is strongly against war is something that I will approve of."

Today's march coincided with the Navy's 75th birthday and a weapons conference at the Viaduct Events Centre.