The Waverley A&P Show has been going for 86 years.

People come from around the region to experience what is one of the last old style farming events around.

Kim Richardson and Ursula Cunningham have been coming for more than 40 years.

"We all came as kids even if we didn't ride. My first pony I was supposed to bring, I started trimming up its mane. By the time I had finished it had no mane so I wasn't allowed to bring him," he said.


Lots of shows these days focus on equestrian events. And craftswoman Dale Coleman says that's a real shame.

"There's no home industries, there's no other animals apart from the horses - very few trade exhibits - not very interesting at all really."

Waverley more or less shuts up shop for the A&P show.

The President of the Committee Clare Johnston says that is part of the charm.

"It's probably one of the few A&P shows in New Zealand that don't go outside of the community for funding. The local school has an off day where kids can come here to the show."

The minutes from the first committee meeting, back in 1930, are proudly on display - a reminder of a simpler time which organisers attempt to recreate lovingly every year.

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