A Domino's Pizza employee had a knife pulled on him and three pizzas stolen when he was delivering pizza to a commercial area in Whangarei.

Senior Sergeant Stephanie Hudson said someone ordered pizza to be delivered to a commercial area in Domain Rd but when the delivery man arrived just before midnight on Thursday he was robbed.

Three pizzas were taken.

"He was approached by a male and when he went to pay for [the order] he grabbed the pizza and ran away. The victim chased after him and knocked the bag out of the offender's arms and as he's done that, the pizza has fallen out and the victim has managed to pick up two of the five pizzas," Ms Hudson said.


When the Domino's employee turned around he was confronted by another two men, she said.

While one ran off, the other pulled a knife on the delivery man.

Ms Hudson said one of the men was described as 167cm (5ft 6in) tall with dark skin, wearing a grey hoodie and dark long pants.

Anyone with information can contact the Whangarei police station on 09 4304500 or anonymously on Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

The Northern Advocate contacted Domino's for a response but they did not respond by edition time Friday.