Police have confirmed that a 4-year-old boy has died at the daycare centre in Takapuna, following what appears to be a tragic accident.

Police were called to the scene on Anzac St at Angels Childcare Centre just after 2pm today.

Detective Sergeant Ross Clapp said early indications are that the child has died following an accident on playground equipment, however police are still working to establish the full circumstances of what has occurred.

Police had initially said the child was 3 years old but corrected the information in a press release.


The young boy's parents, who had been at the playground for some time, have left the area.

A hearse arrived just before 4:30pm.

Family members, including the boy's father, stood solemnly as it pulled up towards the playground.

They gathered around the hearse and hugged.

One man clasped his hands in prayer and appeared to be giving a blessing as the others bowed their heads briefly.

Parents and children are standing outside the Angels Childcare facility on Anzac St.

Several police officers were at the daycare.

Two ambulance vehicles were at the scene and several police vehicles line the road.


A man outside the daycare, who did not wish to be identified, said he was a friend of the family whose child had died.

He said the little boy's family were members of their tight-knit community and had lived in the area for some time.

"It's really sad," he said.

A number of parents, many of them looking distressed, arrived to collect their children.

Staff members stood at the entrance, where police tape had been put up.

They spoke briefly to each parent as they arrived. Sometimes they hugged while others looked shocked.

A staff member, visibly upset, told the Herald they could not comment at this time.

Angels Childcare Centre is a privately owned and operated Christian daycare.

Interior view of the toddlers room at Angels Childcare Centre in Takapuna. Photo / via Facebook
Interior view of the toddlers room at Angels Childcare Centre in Takapuna. Photo / via Facebook

Their website states: "we believe that children develop a sense of confidence and belonging as they learn of their unique identity and of God's love for them within the framework of Christian values."

Angels cares for children from the ages of zero to five.

They have another branch in New Lynn, West Auckland.

A Worksafe spokesman has confirmed that they have been advised of the incident and are currently making "initial inquiries."

More to come.