The fate of three cows marooned on a tiny island in earthquake devastated farmland is unknown but word of their dilemma has spread across the globe.

Video footage shows two adult cattle and a calf left on a small grassed patch on a farm outside Kaikoura, which was devastated by the magnitude 7.5 earthquake yesterday.

It's not known if the unfortunate cattle have been plucked to safety but the gripping image is commanding an international audience as world news services tweet about the animal's plight.

Britain's Independent is describing them as the "luckiest cows in the world".


America's Fox News says the three New Zealand cows looked like they could use a little help.

China's Xinhau News is equally fascinated about their plight.

Even international media celebrity Dr Chris Brown aka the The Bondi Vet has tweeted about the animal rescue effort. He's promising to keep his legions of fans updated with word of their recovery.