Kiwis have rallied behind the family burgled after fleeing their seaside home in Christchurch this morning, with over $20,000 fundraised at the time of writing.

The page was set up by the team at Givealittle, who read the family's story in the Herald and wanted to help.

Since then more than 500 people pledged money to the family.

"I am so sad and angry that this has happened to you at this horrific time," said one woman who donated.


The Herald revealed the Mill family left home at 2am because of the tsunami warning.

When they arrived home at 7am they found they had been burgled.

Their 12-year-old daughter's wireless hearing device, worth $5000, was stolen as well as her father Matt Mill's work truck.

Melissa Mill said her daughter's hearing system should be replaced by the Ministry of Education but funds were needed to replace all other items.

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