By Kaysha Brownlie

Some Napier residents turned their attention away from the drama of the US elections last night in a bid to enjoy the simpler things in life.

Roger Kelly escaped to the beach to walk the dog with his family.

He thought people in the US had an "unenviable task" to choose between "bad and worse".

Kate Nitschke also chose the beach, and the election wasn't high on her list of priorities.

"I guess it's a bit of a joke."

Many bars were screening the election, but punters weren't watching and had chosen to have a tipple while enjoying the Hawke's Bay sun.

Sitting with friends and enjoying a cold beer, Len Clapham said: "What happens in America is important globally, but it's not the main priority we have as New Zealanders."

A few tables down, Jason Gannon was only keeping a "lazy eye" on the developments.

"Given that were in new Zealand I think it's been a little OTT," he said.

And Ian Hawthorne, who had taken to the beach to have dinner - completely removing himself from the hype - said he wasn't "into the politics side, never really have been".

"My little voice here in New Zealand aint gonna change what they think. Personally, it's like, I just don't really care."