Emergency services responding to reports of a car in the water at Blockhouse Bay today soon learned the car had been there for a number of weeks.

A Fire Service spokeswoman said the job was "historic".

It had caused a similar reaction last month, when emergency services rushed to the scene to find the car abandoned and stuck in the sand.

On October 30, four other vehicles got stuck trying to remove the car.


A spokeswoman for Auckland Council said that the car was the responsibility of the owner to remove.

The Harbourmaster, an authority that falls under Auckland Transport, would only remove the vehicle if it was a threat to shipping, pollution or safety.

A spokesman for Auckland Transport said it was not a threat to any of those things, despite the emergency calls it was sparking.

"[The Harbourmaster] has talked to the vehicle owner and reminded him it is his responsibility to move the vehicle.

"Auckland Transport will not be removing it at this stage, it would cost ratepayers around $5000 to remove it."

In April a Range Rover Evoque - worth $90,000 - got stuck in the sand about 200m off the beach. It had to be towed after remaining stuck overnight.