About 30 Norfolk pine trees planted along Whanganui's Seafront Road reserve last week have been dug up and relocated after vandals cut a number of them down.

Residents awoke on Tuesday to the line of toppled young trees and were still upset when the Wanganui Chronicle swung by.

"They are just w.....s. People try to make it nice, but others spoil it," resident Gina Hagley said.

She was moving her horse to another paddock after it was let out the same night the trees were attacked.


Whanganui District Council property manager Leighton Toy said 27 pine trees were planted along Seafront Road, and that 12 had been cut down. The remaining trees would be relocated to various council parks and the area where the trees were planted restored to grass.

"In terms of consultation, residents in the immediate neighbourhood (Seafront Road and part of Karaka Street) were contacted via a letter drop regarding the proposed planting of the trees," Mr Toy said.

"We acknowledge that wider consultation should have taken place before any trees were planted, in particular with Progress Castlecliff and the wider Castlecliff community as part of the Castlecliff Rejuvenation Strategy.

"There is also currently consultation occurring as part of a review of the Castlecliff Coastal Reserve Management Plan so planting of any new trees was premature."