Nine children involved in a school bus crash south of Levin yesterday returned to class today, apparently unharmed by the accident.

The driver was said to have slight injuries but was also "good as gold".

On Monday at 3pm, students of Manakau School piled into the Uzabus run, bound for their homes in the coastal community west of the town.

Central Fire Communications' shift manager Mike Wanoa said the bus slid into a ditch on Waikawa Beach Rd, shortly after leaving the school.

Police were called at 3.12pm.


It is believed nine children were on the bus at the time.

Manakau School principal, Deborah Logan, went to the scene and found the children had already helped each other out of the bus, the older ones helping the younger.

"I'm really pleased the children were aware of what to do," she said.

Logan confirmed the children were doing fine and returned to school today.

A Uzabus Manawatu and Horowhenua operations manager said the driver had been with the company for a number of years and was an experienced and trusted member of the team.

"He's also part of the local community down there," he said.

"He had slight injuries and was taken in to hospital for observation, but he's as good as gold."

Levin Volunteer Fire Brigade Chief Lindsay Walker also confirmed the children were out of the bus by the time emergency services arrived.

"There was some concern around the driver being stuck in the bus," he said.

Police were investigating the crash. No further information was available.