The prospect of ratepayer dollars going towards Joseph Parker's heavyweight title fight has raised a storm of protest from Herald readers concerned about having their pockets picked for a "repulsive brutal activity" like boxing.

All the feedback to yesterday's story that ratepayers could throw hundreds of thousands of dollars into the ring has been opposed to the idea.

An unscientific poll on the Herald website asking should ratepayers fork out for Parker's fight has a different take - 58 per cent saying no, 38 per cent yes and 4 per cent don't know.

The head of the council's events arm, Brett O'Riley, yesterday said Ateed was "not providing financial sponsorship directly to the fight", but did not say if it would provide other forms of assistance.


Parker is due to fight Mexican Andy Ruiz in Auckland on December 10.

Feedback from readers

"Let the boxing promoters promote their boxing with their own funds and not ratepayers'. Get out of my pocket I say." - Randall Tutton

"I do not pay my rates to support bestial exhibitions like this one." - Carolyn Anderson, Whangaparaoa

"We are absolutely sick and tired of having our pockets picked to finance private events." - Brian and Dulcie Henderson

"I find boxing a repulsive brutal activity, only slightly more acceptable than dwarf throwing." - Coralie van Camp, Remuera

"Violence is not okay I've been told." - Gary Stewart, Henderson

"How dare the council, and their elected officers, take it on their own bat and use our hard-earned money in a so-called entertainment that could leave a human being medically, mentally, physically impaired." - Sheryl Buck

"This is outrageous, what a waste of money after cutting funding for libraries." - Christoph Ridder

"What is the benefit for Auckland and New Zealand with two men having a slugfest in a boxing ring that looks like any other boxing ring anywhere in the world." - Tom Allen, Papatoetoe

"Ratepayers funding - absolutely not. I repeat, absolutely not." - Joyce Bird

"Events like the very fast taxis at Pukekohe is fine, but we can see fisticuffs in public and for free almost any night in downtown Auckland." - Tony Potter