The winning numbers for tonight's $34 million Lotto Powerball have now been drawn.

They are 29, 25, 9, 36, 2, 13 and the bonus number 11.

The winning powerball number is 6.

What does a Lotto winner look like?

A married man in his 30s with children is the profile of the most typical Lotto winner.


Lotto released statistics today to reveal what a typical winner looks like ahead of tonight's $34million Powerball jackpot draw. Powerball was first introduced in 2001.

When it comes to the battle of the sexes, 92 per cent of the big winners are male. But it's a family syndicate of three generations of women who can claim the title of New Zealand's largest-ever winners after winning $36.8 million with Big Wednesday in 2009.

Lotto spokeswoman Emilia Mazur said they sourced the data from the dozen winners who took home prizes of over $20million.

"We decided to take a behind-the-scenes look at New Zealand's biggest winners to see if we can paint a picture of a 'typical' winner".

A half-million dollar lotto ticket has been sold at the Patea Four Square so the Chronicle went to Patea to ask some locals what they would do with the winnings. Video Bevan Conley.

While 75 per cent of the winners call the North Island home, it's a South Island family that claimed this year's largest prize so far. An Ashburton family scooped over $22million in April.

Winners were just as likely to be married as they were unmarried, with a 50 per cent split. But 83 per cent had children and helping family was a top priority for all of the big winners. They often gifted houses, cars and holidays to their nearest and dearest.

A big win can happen at any time of life, with ages spanning from 19 to in their 80s. The majority of winners were in their 30s with 25 per cent fitting into that age bracket.

Mazur said while the big winners have some things in common, this doesn't influence who could win the next jackpot.

"It doesn't matter who you are or where you live - every player has exactly the same chance of becoming our next big winner."

Top NZ lottery wins over $20million
1. $36.8 million, June 2009 Masterton
2. $33 million, September 2013 Auckland
3. $28.7 million, October 2010 Auckland
4. $27 million, September 2012 Tauranga
5. $26.5 million, March 2012 Te Kauwhata
6. $26.2 million, February 2014 Auckland
7. $24.3 million, June 2015 Rotorua
8. $22.5 million, September 2013 Christchurch
9. $22.4 million, October 2009 Auckland
10. $22.2 million, April 2016 Ashburton
11. $20.5 million, November 2009 Invercargill
12. $20.2 million, September 2014 Auckland