Senior students at a top Auckland school are outraged that their end-of-year "prank day" has been cancelled.

A group of year 13 students at Epsom Girls Grammar School have sent out an email saying the school's leadership had cancelled their "one day of fun" next week.

Previous pranks by school-leavers included tying students to trees with cling film and "glitter bombing" them, Fairfax reported.

Some had been looking forward to the prank day since primary school, the email said.


"We have been working incredibly hard for the past three to four years and this is considered our reward before we leave the school next Thursday forever, and sit our final exams," it said.

Principal Lorraine Pound told Fairfax that the prank day had been cancelled because it had gone too far in past years.

A student had choked on cling film and caretakers had to clean up the mess, Fairfax reported.

"When it's good natured and witty it's fine but when things go too far or become offensive or plainly not safe it doesn't serve a good purpose," Pound said.