Gable Tostee is unlikely to ever again go on the dating app Tinder which led to his fatal encounter with Warriena Wright, his lawyer said yesterday.

Wright fell to her death from the 14th-floor balcony of Tostee's Gold Coast apartment in August 2014.

A jury found him not guilty of her murder or manslaughter on Thursday after a nine-day trial.

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The jury heard 26-year-old New Zealander had sex with Mr Tostee, became drunk and erratic and assaulted him. She was forced on to his balcony and had tried to climb to a unit below.

Defence solicitor Nick Dore yesterday said he had had a brief conversation with Mr Tostee, 30, after his acquittal.

"He was just very, very, thankful," Dore said.

He said his client was in shock.

"I shook his hand in the dock," Dore said. "He said thank you and we didn't really have much more conversation after that."

Dore said he doubted Tostee would go back on Tinder.

"I don't know. I doubt it. Would you?" he said.

"No, probably not. I would probably advise against him going back ... I'd probably advise everybody not to go on Tinder ... probably Facebook as well."

Dore said Tostee had wanted to express sympathy to Wright's family but he had advised him not to do so.

He said "representations have been made" in relation to making contact with Wright's family.

Dore said there had been a lot of talk during the trial about his client appearing emotionless.

"But once again, what do you do? If you are happy, you are the smirking killer. If you don't show any emotion you are the baffled, confused, person," he said.

It is believed Tostee will return to study but will probably spend the next week or two trying to figure out what he will do.

"He has lived his life under the microscope for so long that I imagine it is going to be difficult," Dore said.

Tostee has not discussed selling his story but has always wanted to get his version across.

Dore said it was going to take a lot of time to lose the stigma of being known as the "alleged balcony killer" for two years.

Following his acquittal, Tostee caught the train home with his family. Dore said he was not aware of any celebrations.

There was no sign of Tostee at the family's Carrara home yesterday. His father Gray emerged to walk the dog but refused to answer questions from journalists.

Later, a person inside the home took mobile phone pictures of media through the curtains.

- The Courier Mail