The Tribal Huk gang leader who declared his own war on P has bullet holes in his car to prove it wasn't an easy fight.

Gang president Jamie Pink told Fairfax the gang had managed to close down 14 P houses in the Ngaruawahia area. The last one was taken out this morning.

Pink said he had been shot at during the raids, which came after his gang decided it was time to rid their community of the drug.

Photos of his vehicle show two large bullet holes on the driver's side, which is already riddled with what appear to be smaller bullet holes.


Pink did not reveal too many details, but a gun expert told Fairfax the bullets were caused by two gunshot blasts and two more from another high-powered weapon.

The gang's move came after Pink delivered an ultimatum to Ngaruawahia's P dealers on Thursday last week.

Pink told a public meeting the deadline ended at 6.30pm last Friday, and after asking once, visits would begin to those who hadn't gone.

Pink said he was "f***** disturbed" by the dealers during one raid.

"The second to last one we wiped out were hiding behind the kids,'' he told Fairfax.

Gang members made sure the youngsters were safe and were not harmed in any way, he said.

The dealers they dealt with over the past week had had mixed reactions to their actions; some choosing to put up a fight while others tried to sneakily continue doing business after telling Tribal Huk they had stopped.

Others just ran.

"You've got ones that run, ones that sneak - they say it's all good, then you catch them out. Then you get ones that want to fight - that want to hold it because it's too much money involved,'' he told Fairfax.

Pink said the job had not been an easy one and admitted it was life-threatening.

"It's not a joke. I just about got killed and that's okay.

"It's worth it - anything for the kids. It's always been about the kids. Just don't be silly."