Kaysha Brownlie

He's a past president and an honorary life member, at 92-years-old next month Hamilton Logan is Hawke's Bay A&P Society's oldest surviving supporter.

"The year after the war in 1946 I was asked if I would help steward in the sheep section," Mr Logan says.

Now, 70 years on he's still going strong.


But not without some adaptation.

"There's been a huge change, the technological revolutions that we've experienced in the last 40-odd years is equally as meaningful as the industrial revolution before it and the agricultural revolution before it," Mr Logan says of how he's seen the dynamics of the show change.

In 1960 Mr Logan was elected to the A&P Committee and he became president in 1980.

"And then I became what I term an old grizzly and I've been an old grizzly for 33 years."

But, being an old "grizzly" doesn't mean he's forgotten his first-show favourites, with the ferris wheel, popcorn and candy floss topping the list.

Now, it's the agricultural side of the show that piques the stalwart's interest.

"And of course, you can't help but say 'Pete do you remember that in 1987,' or something like that, and then we all have a bit of a laugh about it."

The annual show is a highlight for both the past and present.

Incumbent president Richard Chambers says: "It's great having the support from the past presidents and Hamilton here today, being the oldest past president we have here today, it's been fantastic."


And for Mr Logan, a "grizzly" in his 90s, he says it's just nice to still be included.

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