A vegan travel blogger who videoed herself in tears after seeing a crate of sheep being trafficked on a ferry says she has received daily rape and death threats since the footage was posted online.

Kristin Lajeunesse, who is from the US, was on a ferry from Picton to Wellington last week when she smelt "animal faeces" at the rear of the boat and decided to investigate.

She became emotional after seeing dozens of sheep packed into a crate, describing the scene as "cruelty set against beauty" in a tearful video which was viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

In a new video, Lajeunesse said she was upset and disturbed that tens of thousands of people had threatened her over the past week.


"What I found most disturbing was the expression with which people shared the fact that they disagreed with me being vegan or why I posted the video at all," she said.

"To the point where I was receiving daily death and rape threats and other awful things like that."

She said she was fine with people criticising what she posted online, but was upset with the way in which people had attacked her.

"I think what also makes it a bit upsetting is that this experience happened in a country which has built its reputation on being really open and friendly, the people being really kind and generous ... That added a bit to the shock."

Some viewers posted pictures of freshly sliced lamb to Facebook, saying the young woman needed to "harden up".

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Lajeunesse travelled to New Zealand on a trip funded by Vegan Travel to visit different vegan restaurants across the country.

She did a similar trip across the US in a Chevy van in 2011 after quitting her job at Vegan Weddings HQ.

She has more than 105,000 Facebook followers on her page Will Travel for Vegan Food.
She said overall she had had 'quite lovely experiences' in New Zealand and was appreciative of all the support she has received from around the world.


Cruelty set against beauty. Sad discovery on the ferry from Picton to Wellington, New Zealand. 󾌹 #feelinghelpless

Posted by Will Travel For Vegan Food on Monday, 3 October 2016