An Auckland woman is disgusted and angry after her photo was posted on an overseas website that trades nude pictures.

The woman says she's hugely concerned and doesn't know how to get the picture taken down, Radio NZ has reported.

The Russian website lets people post and trade nude photos and material anonymously but has now set up a New Zealand page and is using images without people's knowledge or permission.

One woman had her Facebook profile picture, which shows her in a swimsuit, posted on the website alongside a request for nude photos.


When RNZ contacted the woman, who has not been named, she said she did not know her photo had been posted, and would like the site taken down.

"The creepiest thing about seeing my photo was that someone had stolen it from Facebook and then asked the other pigs on there if they had photos of me, using my full name and saying where I am from.

"Luckily I know there are no naked photos of me anywhere, but that is not the point. These people are animals."

Another Auckland woman told RNZ she found a nude photo of a friend on the site. The woman's permission had not been given for the photo to be published.

On another image, of a topless woman, which showed her face, a person left a comment on the site saying "I know her - do you have any more photos?" The anonymous poster replied "Yes, there's heaps more out there".