A woman who was allegedly sexually abused and tortured by her partner over two-and-a-half years, is back in the dock at a High Court trial in Napier.

Timothy Hebberley is on trial for 29 charges including injuring with intent, sexual violation, kidnap, intimidation, rape and threatening to kill.

The Crown alleges the 20 year old branded his partner with hot wire, burnt her with lighters, and candle wax, intentionally dislocated her limbs, and locked her in a small room with a dangerous dog for two hours.

The Defence claim the violence never happened, and all the sexual encounters were consensual.


The complainant is continuing to be cross-examined today by defence lawyer Scott Jefferson.

Mr Jefferson says the woman gave evidence yesterday that she would always scream for help during the violent incidents with Hebberley.

He told the complainant that her flatmates will say they never heard any calls for help from her at all.