The Trumps of New Zealand have expressed mixed opinions on the US presidential candidate - though the sample size is a bit small.

Of the three Trumps listed in the New Zealand White Pages, one was not interested in talking and stressed he was no relation to Donald Trump, one wanted to sue him for defamation, and one believes he is what the US needs to "shake it up".

Temuka resident Robert Trump said he often voluntarily tells people he's no relation to Donald Trump.

"I think he's a bit of a blow ass, actually," he said. "He's got a bit of a loose mouth for a start, hasn't he?"


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Donald Trump has recently been under fire for a decade-old recording of a conversation with television host Billy Bush in which he speaks about a married woman he tried to seduce, and how women will allow "stars" like him to do whatever he wants.

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"Grab them by the pu**y ," he says in the audio.

He has apologised over the recording, and criticised his rival's husband, Bill Clinton, for saying worse things on the golf course.

Robert Trump said he didn't often get people bringing up the name connection with him.

"I tell everybody I'm no bloody relation . . . I just bring it up voluntarily."

Robert has not been following the US elections and does not have an opinion on the candidates' policies.

"If I had a good lawyer I could take him for defamation," he said.

"He's a bit degrading of the name, isn't he?"

Meanwhile Auckland man Frank Trump believes Donald Trump is the right person to bring about change in the US.

"Looking at the two between Hillary and Donald Trump, I would go for Donald Trump, but I think they're both not ideal candidates.

"The simple reason, I think, like, Hillary Clinton is basically a career politician and they're just retiring the whole thing over again. It's going to be the same old, same old. Whereas I'm hoping or I'm thinking that he would change the mould or turn it on its head and shake it up."

Frank said people would mention his connection with Donald Trump "quite a number of times" and would ask if he was any relation.

When asked about Donald Trump's recent comments about women, Frank said people were "just going to the bottom of the barrel".

Frank Trump thinks Donald Trump might be just what the US needs to shake the system up. Photo / Supplied
Frank Trump thinks Donald Trump might be just what the US needs to shake the system up. Photo / Supplied

"They are trying to dredge up whatever they can find," he said.

"Donald Trump, he looks like the kind of person that exaggerates and laughs and carries on and makes jokes. I would imagine that would be not unusual with all that nonsense, it's just distraction."

Frank said he didn't believe Donald Trump was the right fit for the job, but thought he was more likely than Clinton to bring about change.

"I think he's the only one that can do it. She'll just carry on where Obama left off . . . there won't be any changing at all and I think with the current state of the world situation, I think you're going to have to get somebody really strong to be able to put a stop to a lot of the nonsense."

While Frank didn't think Trump would be the one to do it, he believed Trump would change the system enough to make room for someone who could.