Rotorua 's Eruera Samuels is said to be the second person in the world to reach level 40 in the app craze Pokemon Go.

Walk along Tutanekai St at any time day or night and chances are you'll bump into him.

He spends around eight hours on the street each day playing Pokemon Go - and in his eyes, all the hours paid off about 4pm yesterday when he reached the highest level in the app.

He said other Pokemon Go players had come from Tokoroa and Tauranga for the occasion.


Players did not receive anything special on the app for reaching level 40, it was "just a good accomplishment", he said.

Mr Samuels said a main way he reached the highest level was sitting in a spot on Tutanekai St near the post office for about five hours a day.

He said this spot had four 'lures' which attracted and had all kinds of different Pokemon.

People got together at the spot every night to play the app and there were usually about 10 people there each day, he said.

On average, he played the app eight hours a day around Rotorua.

He said even though he had reached the highest level he would keep playing the app casually, and probably just look for the rare Pokemon and complete the badges.

Mr Samuels said he liked playing the Pokemon Go app because he met new people through it.