Two Auckland teens are appearing in court today after a car was stolen and taken on a joyride of more than a hundred kilometres, from Paeroa to Whakatane.

The vehicle was stolen from a Paeroa carpark on Tuesday afternoon and was seen by members of the public to be travelling towards Whakatane.

Concerns over how it was being driven led to a number contacting the police with concerns for people's safety.

The car was found and located near Matata, but despite police attempts to get it to stop continued on its path towards Whakatane.


Police gave chase, but called it off at Awakeri as it was becoming too dangerous.

Instead police said in a statement, they used "local knowledge and CCTV" to finally locate it, more than 150km from where the car was first stolen in Whakatane.

In the township they used road spikes to stop the car, before arresting the two inside.

An Auckland 13-year-old was placed into the custody of Child Youth and family and is due to appear in the Family Court at Whakatane today.

A 16-year-old, also from Auckland, is to appear in the Youth Court at Whakatane today charged with unlawful taking.