A Hamilton couple who kicked their children and hit them with a skipping rope or belt have been sentenced to home detention.

The woman pleaded guilty to four charges of assault on a child, her husband to three charges of assault on a child and one charge of assault with a weapon, Fairfax reported.

They were sentenced in the Hamilton District Court this morning.

The "excessive discipline" went on for years and arose from a lack of parenting skills, Fairfax reported the woman's lawyer, Matthew Wright, as saying.


The mother kicked one of the children, making him fall over, and the father was known to use a skipping rope or belt on them. They cannot be named as it would identify their victims.

Judge Philip Connell said the mother had been "yelling and swearing at him to pick something up", Fairfax reported.

"You took a step down and kicked him, causing him to fall over and cry."

She then yelled "that's what you get".

The abuse was "so obvious that it was seen by your neighbours".

Judge Connell sentenced each of them to seven months home detention.

Fairfax said the children are not in their care anymore, and the woman recently gave birth to another child that was taken from her care as well.