The New Zealand equivalent of Bear Grylls has felt the wrath of viewer backlash for the barbaric nature of killing an octopus with his teeth.

The sensational video of a rugged survivalist known as the Kiwi Bushman, Josh James, demonstrating the gruesome technique of killing an octopus by biting it between the eyes has sent viewers into a frenzy.

Racking up more than 130,000 views on Youtube in less than 48 hours viewers are divided on the nonchalant approach to needlessly killing an intelligent animal to people in awe of the bushman's ruthlessness.

Photo / Youtube / Josh James Kiwi Bushman
Photo / Youtube / Josh James Kiwi Bushman

One viewer commented, "Have some respect for intelligent life", with octopuses having recently been deemed 'smart' after research indicates they have personalities, play for pleasure, learn, store short-term memories and can solve solutions.


Another viewer said, "Are you stupid. Why did you do that? Killing for fun isn't good it's absurd."

However, the Kiwi Bushman isn't afraid of interacting with some of his critics, sinking his teeth into some of the Youtube commentators.

"All life is intelligent, if you're a carnivore you need to eat intelligent creatures, it's a hard life,' Josh James Kiwi Bushman said in reply to the first response.

"Yes, I do have that effect on some of the pussies in the world," the rugged bushman replied to an accusation he was 'stupid' and killing for fun.

The video begins when James holds up the mollusc he has just caught, as its tentacles flay wildly around.

He then explains that they are "really good eating" but you have to freeze them to get the optimal texture before cooking.

WARNING: Graphic content

"To kill them, you bite them right between the eyes," he said, before getting a good grip and chomping down into the octopus' head for about six seconds.

James then casually spits octopus flesh over the side of the boat before finishing his sentence with 'because that's where the brain is'.


"There you go, you see he was wiggling around before now he's dead as," he added.

Other videos from the popular outdoorsman include him hunting goats with a bow and arrow, catching eels with his bare hands and building a dinghy from scratch for just $8,000.